Programs and Services

Belmont House prides itself in offering excellence in healthcare. But our Tenants and Residents often state their appreciation of our diverse programs and services, when explaining why they believe we are the “Seniors’ Home of Choice”.

Thanks to the generosity of Belmont House Foundation donors, we can offer a rich array of programs that touch the minds and hearts of our tenants and residents.

“I’ve never been bored at Belmont! There is always so much to do and I can tell the recreation staff really care about what they do. The mid week current events group is a highlight of my week and full of interesting debate! I also really look forward to the live entertainment twice a week. Feels so luxurious to have such talented musicians visiting our home!” – Jim, a very active Tenant

Art Therapy

Through the guidance and mentoring of a professional artist, the Art Therapy program at Belmont House encourages and supports residents as they explore and develop their creative talents in a personally-meaningful and rewarding way.

Each week residents meet in the Craft Room, and work side-by-side on their own personal projects that encompass a wide variety of mediums including pastel, oil, and watercolour. The subject matter is based on the personal and varied interests of each resident. Some are reflective of past memories and friendships, and some depict contemporary scenes.

Every year, we professionally display the artwork created by our residents in the very successful “Belmont House Art Show”. The Show is a wonderful opportunity for all members of the Belmont House community to share in their appreciation of the beautiful work created by the residents. It is also a wonderful way for residents to share the results of their new talents and capabilities with family and friends.

Music Therapy

In Music Therapy, the skillful use of music is employed to promote and maintain the health of our residents.

Music Therapy is used in both group and individual settings to facilitate self-expression, communication, socialization and personal development. Through the use of singing, playing various instruments and movement, music therapy aims to provide residents and tenants with an opportunity to access the positive benefits of music.

Our Music Therapy process involves assessment, goal setting and documentation. No prior knowledge of music is required to participate

Pastoral Care

Belmont House has two chaplains (Anglican and United) who are responsible for the religious and spiritual care of tenants and residents. With the help of community clergy, they coordinate midweek communion services and masses, as well as daily morning prayers and ecumenical Sunday services. They also facilitate three memorial services a year.

The chaplains also offer one-to-one counselling. This ranges from assisting people to access their inner personal and spiritual resources, to providing a caring presence to those who experience anxiety, depression, loneliness and fear in their losses as they age. They also help families and friends deal with the changes in their relative or friend.

The chaplaincy office is on the main floor across from the chapel. The telephone number is 416-964-9231 ext. 203.


Meaningful recreation and leisure programs are an integral component of the programs and services offered to the residents at Belmont House. Recreation activities are designed, developed and delivered to ensure that each tenant’s and resident’s quality of life, personal interests, abilities and well being are paramount.

To ensure that Belmont residents can continually participate in purposeful and enjoyable activities, a large selection and scope of programs are offered. Recreation Staff deliver programs that engage people on a one-to-one, small group, and large group basis. An example of a one-to-one program is The Relaxation Room, located on each floor of the Walker Wing. With support from staff, The Relaxation Room offers long term care residents experiencing stress to spend time in a calming and comforting multi-sensory environment. Group-oriented programs include sing-a-longs, discussion of current events, dances and themed dinners, which encourage and promote interaction and a sense of community among tenants, residents, family and staff.

Types of Programs
To address tenants’ and residents’ social, cultural, physical, intellectual and spiritual needs, we offer a wide variety of recreational activities. These include presentations of musical groups, guest speakers, and theatrical performances. We also offer bus trips and outings outside of Belmont House throughout the year. Intergenerational programs bring in school-aged children and student volunteers for friendly visits, concerts and plays; these activities help tenants and residents to connect with their neighbouring community.

Family Involvement
The involvement and participation of family in all programs at Belmont House is both welcomed and encouraged. Working closely with tenants and residents and their family members, Recreation Staff assess the effectiveness of each program. Through ongoing assessment, the programs offered at Belmont House are responsive and appropriate to each tenant’s and resident’s current interests, needs and abilities, and also respectful of their former lifestyle.

Recreation Staff
The Recreation Staff are pleased to discuss with family members any thoughts, ideas and suggestions they have for improving and enhancing the recreation, leisure and educational programs offered to their loved one at Belmont House

Tenant Council

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