Levels of Service

Choose from three levels of care and service to provide the right support for our Tenants to live with the highest quality of life and autonomy.

Independent Lifestyle

Enjoy all the autonomy and self-support of home. Continue to live your unique lifestyle with the reassurance that care is readily available if required. With dinners provided 15 nights a month, weekly housekeeping services and access to an extensive list of care and lifestyle support services on an as needed basis, the Independent Lifestyle package is the perfect first step into retirement living.

“When I first told my son I had decided to sell my house and move to Belmont he thought I went soft in the head. Now that he sees I get to live my life without all the extra work and stress of maintaining a home as well as the reassurance of nursing staff right downstairs if I ever need them, he agrees that I absolutely made the right decision.” – John, a very happy tenant.

Enhanced Lifestyle

A “boost” to the Independent Lifestyle package. In house services available to help keep your time yours while our care team handles some of your more time-consuming tasks such as ordering medications, laundering of bed linens and 30 dinners a month.

“I’m so glad Mum has the extra support as she gets a little older. She is still in control but has a great team around to support her.” – Ann, a grateful daughter.

Full-Service Lifestyle

All the luxuries Belmont House has to offer! We can offer you the monitoring and care services you need ranging from all your meals to weekly spa baths and wellness monitoring. Need someone to check in on you in the middle of the night or some help getting dressed and ready in the mornings? No problem! Our care team is ready to help with whatever you need.

“I have some arthritis pain in the mornings so the wonderful care team helps me get dressed so I don’t need to deal with pain for the rest of the day. I’m grateful for Belmont’s support.” – Judy

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