About Volunteering at Belmont House

Volunteers play an important role in making Belmont House the “Seniors’ Home of Choice”. They contribute actively in all aspects of the organization and help us to provide the highest quality of services to our residents.

Our volunteers come from different age groups and professional backgrounds. Whether you are a student, professional or simply wanting to make a difference in your community, there is a place for you at Belmont House.

General Functions of a Volunteer
A volunteer has been defined as “any person who gives of his or her time, ideas, ideals, resources, knowledge and skill without monetary compensation”.

Volunteers at Belmont House agree to the following principles:

  • to enrich the lives of the residents through personal care and service
  • to understand and live by Belmont House philosophies and policies
  • to be aware of their role and responsibilities, and perform their duties to the best of their ability
  • to work cooperatively with staff and other volunteers
  • to maintain the dignity and integrity of Belmont House
  • to observe discretion in areas of confidentiality
  • to be a good ambassador for Belmont House when in the community

Applying for a Volunteer Position
The need for and supply of volunteers fluctuates throughout the year so it may take time before a suitable placement can be found for you.

To register to become a Belmont House volunteer, you must submit a completed Volunteer Application Form. You must download and complete an application. It can be submitted using the online form below, or emailed to Ana Caladas at acaladas@belmonthouse.com. Please note the kinds of volunteer work you would prefer to do.

After we receive your application, we will ask you to attend a prospective volunteer session. It will help you become more familiar with Belmont House, better understand long term care, and illustrate volunteer opportunities. We believe this meeting is critical to help us to mutually decide whether volunteering at Belmont is the best fit for you.

If you decide to proceed with your application, you will then be required to complete a few forms: Pledge to Non Abuse/Neglect; Confidentiality Agreement; TB Test; and Criminal Reference Check.
After being accepted, we will arrange a placement for you based on your expressed interests, learning objectives and time availability.

Before taking on your first volunteer role, you will be required to attend a volunteer orientation session and receive task-specific training. The length of orientation varies depending on volunteer experience and aptitudes, and the complexity of the task. It’s our goal to support you, and ensure you can effectively perform your placement.

Download and complete the Belmont House Application for Volunteering and submit to Socrates Theophylactou at stheophylactou@belmonthouse.com

Volunteer Positions
You can choose from a stimulating range of areas in which to direct your energy. Because of the various levels of care offered in Belmont House, programs are designed to meet the needs of residents, ranging from the physically active and mentally alert, to those with confusion and limited mobility.

Listed below are some of the volunteer opportunities:

  • Friendly Visitor
  • Mealtime Assistant
  • Activity Assistant
  • Pet Visitor
  • Musical Entertainer
  • Tuck Shop Representative
  • Outing Assistant
  • Special Event Assistant
  • Computer Assistant
  • Volunteer Leadership Team (after one year of volunteer service)
  • Library Assistant
  • Home Tour Guide (after two years of volunteer service)
  • Reading Program
  • & many more!

Volunteer Recognition
Every effort is made to ensure that volunteer achievements and contributions are recognized and rewarded. Volunteers are honoured at the annual Volunteer Recognition Ceremony each spring. Volunteers with 100+ hours of volunteer service per year become a 100 Club Member and are recognized in our quarterly Volunteer Newsletter. Volunteers are also welcome to relax and have a coffee or tea in the Volunteer Lounge, which is open each day.

Volunteers may request a letter which captures their hours of service for reference or school purposes.