Programs & Services


Meaningful recreation and leisure programs are an integral component of the programs and services offered to the residents at Belmont House. Recreation activities are designed, developed and delivered to ensure that each tenant’s and resident’s quality of life, personal interests, abilities and well being are paramount.

Program Scope

To ensure that Belmont residents can continually participate in purposeful and enjoyable activities, a large selection and scope of programs are offered. Recreation Staff deliver programs that engage people on a one-to-one, small group, and large group basis. An example of a one-to-one program is The Relaxation Room, located on each floor of the Walker Wing. With support from staff, The Relaxation Room offers long term care residents experiencing stress to spend time in a calming and comforting multi-sensory environment. Group-oriented programs include sing-a-longs, discussion of current events, dances and themed dinners, which encourage and promote interaction and a sense of community among tenants, residents, family and staff. To view a current recreation calendar, click here.

Types of Programs

To address tenants’ and residents’ social, cultural, physical, intellectual and spiritual needs, we offer a wide variety of recreational activities. These include presentations of musical groups, guest speakers, and theatrical performances. We aslo offer bus trips and outings outside of Belmont House throughout the year. Intergenerational programs bring in school-aged children and student volunteers for friendly visits, concerts and plays; these activities help tenants and residents to connect with their neighbouring community.

Family Involvement

The involvement and participation of family in all programs at Belmont House is both welcomed and encouraged. Working closely with tenants and residents and their family members, Recreation Staff assess the effectiveness of each program. Through ongoing assessment, the programs offered at Belmont House are responsive and appropriate to each tenant’s and resident’s current interests, needs and abilities, and also respectful of their former lifestyle.

Recreation Staff

The Recreation Staff are pleased to discuss with family members any thoughts, ideas and suggestions they have for improving and enhancing the recreation, leisure and educational programs offered to their loved one at Belmont House.