Frequently Asked Questions

Is there a waiting list?

Our waiting list is managed by the Toronto Central Home and Community Care Support Services (HCCSS). Please note that Belmont House does not have any insight on “what place” someone is on the waiting list. It is entirely managed by the HCCSS. For more information on how to apply, please see the next FAQ and reach out to the HCCSS at:


How do I apply to Belmont House?

  1. The application process for Long Term Care can seem overwhelming. The Toronto Central Home and Community Care Support Services is available to support you and your family through this period and facilitate your application to Belmont House. Part of the HCCSS’ mandate is to initiate applications, determine eligibility, coordinate applications, and maintain the list for all homes.
  2. Once eligibility has been assessed, you can select Belmont House as your preferred home of choice and we will receive a copy of your application.
  3. Applications are then met by our Admissions Committee, and a decision is made as to whether we are able to meet your needs and which care unit would be the best fit for you.
  4. The HCCSS is then notified and your name is placed for admission on the Belmont House waitlist, to be reviewed again when an appropriate bed becomes available.
  5. You are able to have your name on up to 5 Long Term Care Homes waiting lists at a time.
    What is the cost to live at Belmont House?
    Although the Ministry of Long-Term Care pays for the care you receive, you are responsible for accommodation costs, which are standard across Ontario. Rates are typically reviewed annually by the Ministry of Long-Term Care. If you do not have enough annual income to pay for the basic room, the government can help you through a subsidy that will bring the cost down to a level you can afford. The subsidy is not available to people requesting semi-private or private rooms. Current rates (updates as of 2024) are:
LONG-STAY BASIC$65.32$1,986.82
LONG-STAY PRIVATE$93.32$2,838.49

Do I need to identify as a Christian to be admitted to Belmont House?

While we are designated as a Christian home, all persons regardless of faith or religious identity are welcome.


What kind of religious services are offered?

We have two caring Chaplains at Belmont House who facilitate church services, daily morning prayers, memorial services and are available to provide counselling services for both Residents and family members.


How many beds are there at Belmont House?

We are 140 Long Term Care beds. Of those, 82 are private rooms and 52 are basic, shared accommodation with 2 Residents per room. We do not have ward-style accommodation (4 Residents in a room).


Is Belmont House accessible?

Absolutely! Our entire care campus is fully accessible and meets AODA requirements.


Can couples be admitted?

Yes! In fact, there are several couples living at Belmont House right now. Spousal Reunification is an important waiting list priority established by the Ministry of Long-Term Care and implemented by the Home and Community Care Support Services. Our aim is to keep family life strong and whether both spouses require Long Term Care or one is more suited for our Retirement Living apartments, we will work with you and the HCCSS to keep you close to your love.


Is there a Family Council?

Our Family Council is organized as a self-led group with a family member as the Chair to discuss and collaborate with Belmont House staff on ways to enhance life at Belmont House. We deeply value input and participation from our entire community and appreciate the important role the Family Council plays.


Is there a Resident Council?

Our Resident Council is an open council, led by an elected Chair to express concerns and compliments about their experiences living at Belmont House. Valuable feedback received at Resident Council is passed to the management team who works to ensure needs are being met and exciting ideas are put into action.


Do you have a visitor policy?

We believe that family life and friendships shouldn’t stop just because someone moves into Long Term Care. We have flexible visiting hours and encourage active involvement in the special activities and events that make Belmont House such a great place to live. We also have beautiful spaces available for booking special occasions. Birthday parties, important milestones, family dinners and book clubs with friends can all continue at Belmont!


What kind of recreation programs are offered?

We are thrilled to provide a truly exceptional therapeutic recreation program at Belmont House! Our team consists of a Recreation Coordinator on each Long Term Care unit, overseen by a Recreation Supervisor who all work to provide an energetic, fun and therapeutic assortment of activities and programs each and every day. A calendar is provided at the beginning of each month and families can see what is happening on their loved one’s floor using an app where coordinators post regular updates and photos.
We are especially fortunate to attract well-known and incredibly talented guest speakers and entertainers that come every Tuesday and Thursday to provide live entertainment for both our Residents and Tenants to enjoy. Residents have the freedom to choose what they would like to participate in and have access to one-on-one time with Recreation Coordinators to focus on special interests.


Is physiotherapy available?

Belmont House has a fully equipped physiotherapy and exercise room where our talented physiotherapist can help you with mobility and strength needs. A portion of physiotherapy services are funded for eligible Residents by the Ministry of Long Term Care.

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