Long Term Care

Admission Process

Admission Procedures

Applications must be prepared for you by the Community Care Access Centre (CCAC).
Anyone who meets the criteria set by the Toronto Community Care Access Centre for long term care status is eligible for consideration.

After completing the referral process, the application will be forwarded to Belmont House at which time it will be reviewed for admission. The waiting list for admissions is approximately 2 years.

How to Apply
Application for admission into a government regulated Long Term Care facility is made through the Toronto Community Care Access Centre. Once the required paperwork is completed the Toronto Community Care Access Centre will determine your eligibility for admission. For more information on admission to Long Term Care, please contact:

Toronto Community Care Access Centre
Toronto Community Care Access Centre
250 Dundas Street West, Suite 305
Toronto, Ontario
M5T 2Z5
Fax: 416-506-0374
Email: CCAC@toronto.ccac-ont.ca



The Ontario Ministry of Health and Long Term Care establish Belmont’s rates annually. Rates are the same for all long term care facilities in Ontario.

Basic Accomodation
Shared rooms with shared washroom

Private Accommodation
Rooms accommodate one resident and have a private washroom


Type of Accommodation Daily Monthly
Long-Stay Residents:
Basic Accommodation $58.99 $1,794.28
Private Accommodation $84.27 $2,563.22

Effective dates for rates as of May 1, 2016