Long Term Care


What is the length of your waiting list?
Our waiting list is maintained and managed by the Community Care Access Centre (CCAC), as are all long term care home wait lists. It is our experience that the Wait List changes frequently and the needs change for those on it, and we encourage all applicants who are interested to apply. One’s rank on the list is only one of the factors considered when looking at admission to an available bed. Applicants may wait approximately +/-3.5 years for private accommodation and approximately +/-2.5 years for female basic accommodation, 5+ years for male basic accommodation and 3 + years for semi-private accommodation.

How many beds are there at Belmont House?
We have 140 long term care beds. Of those beds, 82 are private, 58 are basic. In the Walker Wing, our Basic Accommodation houses two residents per room, on the Barnicke Wing, our Basic Accomodation houses two residents separated by a washroom. We do not have ward accommodation (4 persons in a room).

Do you have to be Christian to be admitted to Belmont House?
While we are designated as Christian home and celebrate all Christian holidays, all persons regardless of religious faith are welcome.

What is the cost of long term care accommodation at Belmont House?
Effective May 1, 2016, the Ministry of Health and Long Term Care (MOHLTC) rates at Belmont House will be as follows:

Basic ( $1,794.28 monthly ) and Private ($2,563.22 monthly).

Residents who reside in Basic accommodation may apply for a further rate reduction as needed by completing a rate reduction application and submitting required income verification to our Accounting Department for processing via the MOHLTC.

How do I apply to Belmont House?
You must first contact the CCAC that serves the area where you live. In Ontario, it is their mandate to initiate applications, determine basic eligibility for Long Term Care home, coordinate applications to selected homes, and monitor the wait list for the homes. You can select the Belmont House as your preferred choice, and we will receive a copy of your application from the CCAC. Applications are then reviewed by our Admissions Committee, and decisions are made as to whether we can meet your needs and on which unit your care needs can best be met. The CCAC is then notified, and your name is placed for admission on our wait list, to be reviewed again when an appropriate bed becomes available. You are welcome to have your name on up to 5 LTCH’s waiting lists.

Do you admit couples to Belmont House?
Yes. In fact, there are couples residing at Belmont House at this time. Spousal Reunification is a waiting list priority established by the MOHLTC and implemented by the CCAC. Whether the pair resides together depends on such things on personal preference, cognitive status, level of care, and accommodation preferences, to name a few examples.

Is there a visitor’s policy?
Family involvement is actively encouraged and facilitated through flexible visiting hours, active involvement in care planning, special activities and events, and rooms’ availability for special occasions.

Is there a Family Council?
Yes! Our Family Council is organized to allow family/substitute decision makers to represent residents who can no longer represent themselves. It’s mission, as a self-led group, is to enhance the quality of life of the residents through collaboration with Belmont staff to promote positive change. Meetings are held approximately every 3 months.

Is there a Resident Council?
Yes! The Resident Council is a venue for Residents to express concerns, complaints, and compliments about their experiences of living at Belmont House. Valuable feedback received by the Residents at the Resident Council subsequently is passed along to Management, with efforts to improve those areas identified as needing enhancement. Meetings are held every 3 months.

Are there Recreation Programs for my loved one?
Yes! The Recreation team consists of Recreation Coordinators assigned to each of our long term are units, coordinated by a Supervisor reporting to the Director of Retirement Living and Recreation Services. Belmont House has an energetic life enrichment program run by our Recreation Coordinators. At the beginning of each month, a calendar of activities is posted on each care floor near the Activity Room. We are especially fortunate in attracting well-known guest speakers and entertainers. Residents can choose to participate in the events/activities that interest them.

Is it safe to donate online with my credit card?
Belmont House assures maximum security, safety, and peace of mind while using your credit cards online.

Is my privacy as a donor to Belmont House respected?
Absolutely. Please read our Privacy Policy and Donor Bill of Rights.

How can I receive a copy of Belmont House’s latest Annual Report?
Please contact us and we will mail you one. Or, you can view it online.