From egg, to caterpillar, to chrysalis, we have now fully emerged as a beautiful butterfly! The Butterfly Project on 2West (now referred to as Butterfly Lane) has been through their final audit performed by Meaningful Care Matters and we are now the very first accredited butterfly home in Toronto!

“The process has been transformative,” shared Paige Fernandes, Planning and Community Engagement Coordinator,  “all of the training sessions, team building exercises, and family engagement have set a strong foundation of trust and excitement for this new mindset and approach to care.”

We believe that connection is one of the purposes of life and the Butterfly model of care puts true person-centered, emotion-focused care at the center. Staff and residents are empowered to live in a more home and family-like setting.

The physical transformation of Butterfly Lane is complete with brightly coloured walls, individualized door decals and memory boxes for each resident, and lots of fun and engaging items all around. There is a pet corner where residents can find life-like animatronic cats and dogs to enjoy. Familiar spaces such as garden gates, bus stops, a laundry area, and hooks full of clothing and accessories all work to help change the resident’s perspective from observers to participants.

As we all know, dementia does not rob one of purpose or strength. We are dedicated to keeping this at the forefront of our care.

“The enhancements on the floor make it feel so welcoming and cozy,” shared family member, Helga Schnider, “Butterfly Lane feels like a more positive, home-like and engaging environment for the residents, staff, and families. The environment and emotional differences have made a real impact for our family.”

With our accreditation secured, we are looking forward to training all staff and implementing the Butterfly Model on all long-term care floors! We are thankful to the Butterfly Lane staff for their amazing work, all family members that were so encouraging, and everyone who donated to the project to help us transform!


You can watch our video chronicling our transformation here: Belmont House Butterfly Project – YouTube