In a far-from-“normal” Annual General Meeting held by conference call, Elaine Roberts took up
the mantel of Chair of the Belmont House Board of Directors with excitement and vision.
Since joining the Board of Directors in 2017, Elaine has learned about the care of seniors and
navigating the challenges of providing excellent quality care for a population that is so often
overlooked. Inspired by our home-like atmosphere and excellent reputation, Elaine continues to
proudly to serve the Belmont community, now accepting a leadership role.

A highly ethical retired finance professional, Elaine is passionate about assuring that Belmont
continues to be strongly governed and innovating to meet emerging healthcare needs. She is looking
forward to being a part of leading Belmont House into the future and implementing the strategic
plan, which was released in 2019. “Our ambitious strategic plan gives us an opportunity to be creative and forward thinking,” says Elaine. “Unfortunately, the global pandemic is part of our new normal, but we cannot let it stop the ongoing work we must do for all Belmont Residents and Tenants. We have a real opportunity to reshape and expand our care model.”